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Attention all Online Marketers!

"Finally There's an EASY Way For You Make Super Cool Marketing Videos That Double Your Conversion Rates..."

Dear Online Marketer,

Are you using video to sell your offers? Yikes, I hope so.

Want to know the killer combination to selling stuff online? Video + text. That's it. You satisfy everyone - even Google because they love the keyword optimized text.

You know what I'm talking about. You hit a page and there's a video there with some text under it. Maybe it's sales copy. You start the video playing and then you read the text while the video is going. That's engagement!

The great thing about video is that you can pack a harder marketing punch. That is, if you know how to make a lean, mean video with all the bells and whistles of great copy, graphics, text effects, transitions, and cool music.

Let's face, everyone loves a cool video. But not everyone knows how to make one.

And that's going to be your edge because you found this page. Speedy Web Videos is the step by step video training showing you how make professional videos that move visitors to take action.

  • What's the best way to make online sales presentations? Videos!   
  • What are the hottest selling info products? Videos!   
  • What's the juiciest link bait? Videos!   
  • What's the most consumed content online? Videos!   
  • What's the easiest way to get tons oftraffic? Videos!   
  • What makes killer list builder freebies? Videos!   
  • What does every high ticket info product have? Videos!  

Please tell me that you or someone in your Internet business knows how to make super cool videos for your products, your sales letters, your launches, your blog, and your YouTube channel! Nobody? Ouuwwch.

But today, all that changes for the price of dinner. For a limited time a one-time payment of $37 and Speedy Web Videos is yours forever. But listen, things change - they always do - such is life. You might come here tomorrow and the price will be higher. Inflation, cost of living, that kinda thing. Not my fault!

No risk. Try it out for seven days and if it's not for you, just contact us on the Speedy Web Videos site and say, "I want a refund," and you'll have every cent you paid refunded within 24 hours. Fair enough? Hey, of course I'll honour all refund requests, you think I want my Paypal account shut down?

Watch the video below to see what you get!


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Still undecided?

Ok, let’s look under the hood of Speedy Web Videos and see what we have! Can Oliver teach you how to make marketing videos etc. or what? Well, here’s one of the videos to give you a sense of my teaching style.

What do I need?

Wondering what software you need?  Click Here to find out.

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Oliver Olsen

Oliver Olsen is an online marketer, copywriter, specializing in product launches with an emphasis on video marketing. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his family.


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